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CT Scan services offered in Houston TX

A CT scan is one of the most effective methods for detecting damage and abnormalities in the body. Fully accredited through the American College of Radiology (ACR), One Step Diagnostic offers CT scans at their five centers in Houston and locations in Sugarland, Dickinson, and The Woodlands, Texas. Same-day, late-night, and weekend appointments are available for your convenience. Call One Step Diagnostic or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about CAT scans.

CT Scan Q & A

What is a CT scan?

A computed tomography scan, also called a CT or CAT scan, combines several X-rays to gather a clear picture of your bones, tissues, and blood vessels. With the aid of a computer, a CT scan can generate cross-sectional views of your internal structures to create a level-by-level view of your body. Essentially, these image “slices” can provide more detailed information than plain X-Rays can. 

Your doctor may recommend a CT scan to investigate the extent of an injury or other concerning symptoms.

Why would I need a CT scan?

Physicians order CT scans for many different reasons. Your doctor may recommend a CT scan to:

  • Identify internal bleeding
  • Detect bone fractures, abnormal growths, and tumors
  • Monitor treatment efficacy (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.)
  • Locate a blood clot or fluid buildup
  • Show internal injuries
  • Pinpoint infections

If you have an existing condition, such as cardiovascular disease or bone cancer, your doctor may use CT scans to detect any concerning changes to your health.

How does a CT scan work?

The simplest way to understand how a CT scan works is to compare the body to a loaf of bread. Each X-ray captures a slice to see the crust (outer layers) and the internal center. Repeating this process several times allows your doctor to create a full picture of your internal structures from all angles.

Because CT scans use computer imaging, they can also stack images to generate a 3-D picture.

What happens during a CT scan?

One Step Diagnostics is a premium radiology center with only board-certified technologists to perform your procedure. Before you arrive, your doctor may instruct you not to eat or drink to avoid interfering with the result. You should also avoid wearing any jewelry or metal objects. 

After putting on a hospital gown, you lie on the CT scan table. As the machine scans around your body, it’s important to remain still. Movement can disrupt the image, so your technologist may even recommend holding your breath at some points. The entire process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 30 minutes.

To learn more about CT scans, call One Step Diagnostic or schedule an appointment online today.